Elite Program

Designed for players aged 18 and up, the Elite Program lasts a minimum of one semester (6 months) and is designed for elite players who are looking for the European experience necessary to take their skills to a higher level.  Students train within the professional European youth league system, which provides the highest levels of technical and physical training. Our coaches are top professionals from the Swiss leagues with many years of working within the European youth leagues. The U-17 Swiss National Team won the U17 World Cup in 2009 and the European Championship U17 in 2002, and were semifinalists in 2009.

Players are initially matched and placed with their specific age and skills level team within the club. Talented athletes have the opportunity to advance through the club. Teams practice four to five days per week for two hours a day, ten months per year.

Players enroll with one of our academic partners, Ateneo Corsi di Lingue in Italy, or Franklin University, Switzerland for their semester year or for the four years undergraduate program.  A variety of housing options are available.

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Club / Facilities



Franklin University

Franklin University offers athletes the opportunity to earn college credit(s) or a degree from an United States and Swiss accredited university while participating in competitive sports programs offered by PASS. Recognizing it is difficult for competitive athletes to go abroad during college, PASS makes it possible to combine both academic coursework and sports. Franklin University offers as well a Master of Science in International Management for graduate students. 

At Franklin University, students will be able to take courses in English while benefitting from an international ‘study abroad’ semester or two. Not only is Franklin located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, it is also in an historic region of Europe.

With students coming from over 60 countries, the campus community also provides a global atmosphere and interesting network for students. As a residential university, Franklin offers housing in residence halls located in the vicinity of the campus. Students wil benefit from the Franklin University community and work closely with academic advisors, helping them progress with their coursework. Participants will be able to choose from a number of courses offered at Franklin, ranging from economics and management to environmental studies, communication studies or international politics (see Franklin course offerings: http://www.fus.edu/).

Ateneo Corsi di Lingue of Varese

The Ateneo Corsi di Lingue of Varese is our partner for Italian language classes, a preparatory program for enrollments in Italian speaking universities.