PASS Academy offers a unique opportunity designed for talented, dedicated, American student athletes to further their development both academically and athletically. This is a unique pathway that parallels and surpasses playing in the NCAA.

PASS enables young athletes to play in an established Swiss and Italian leagues, with ambitious, talented players and under the teaching of professional European coaches. This gives young American players a competitive advantage not found anywhere in the United States.

For players ready to get serious about their sport, PASS offers a rigorous, challenging opportunity to play with the best.

HC Ladies Lugano Ice Hockey now added to the list of clubs.

16 U.S. soccer players find a home in Switzerland — and in the Champions League”

Washington Post, 9/9/2019


Photo by XiXinXing/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by XiXinXing/iStock / Getty Images

Pass offers two athletic programs:

The Preparatory Program is designed for student athletes considering enrolling in the Elite Program. Since the experience of living and playing in a European city may be vastly different than most students are accustomed to, we offer this program to help students and their families learn about and prepare for the rigors of both soccer training and academics abroad.



Designed for players aged 18 and up, the Elite Program lasts a minimum of one semester (6 months) and is designed for elite players who are looking for the European experience necessary to take their skills to a higher level. 


Photo by ClaraNila/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by ClaraNila/iStock / Getty Images

Franklin University Switzerland

Franklin University offers athletes the opportunity to earn college credit(s) or a degree from an United States and Swiss accredited university while participating in competitive sports programs offered by PASS.

The American School in Switzerland (TASIS)

The American School In Switzerland (TASIS) is a private coeducational boarding and day school for elementary, middle, and high school students and offers athletes the opportunity to earn their high school degrees while participating in the sports programs of PASS.

Ateneo Corsi di Lingue of Varese

The Ateneo Corsi di Lingue of Varese is our partner for Italian language classes, a preparatory program for enrollment in Italian speaking universities.


Photo by miodrag ignjatovic/iStock / Getty Images

Photo by miodrag ignjatovic/iStock / Getty Images

FC Lugano [Football Club Lugano]

The FC Lugano Men’s Team plays in the top football division the Swiss Super League, also known as the Raiffeisen Super League. This is a professional division in the top tier of the Swiss football league system. As of February 2018 the Swiss Super League is ranked 12th in Europe according to UEFA's ranking of league coefficients, which is based upon Swiss team performances in European competitions.

FF Lugano 1976 [Football Femminile Lugano]

Founded in 1976, The Football Femminile Lugano 1976 (FF Lugano) Women's Team is based in Lugano, Ticino, a canton in the southern part of Switzerland.

The Football Femminile Lugano Women's Team is in the The Women's Nationalliga A League. The Women's Nationalliga A is the highest-level league competition for women's football clubs in Switzerland.

To learn more about the Switzerland Soccer League System, click on this link.

To learn more about The Women's Nationalliga A League, click on this link.

“The style of play is beautiful and I couldn't wait to soak up as much as possible.

HC Ladies Lugano Hockey Club

Founded in 1989 and rebranded last August 2018 the Hockey Club Ladies Lugano is a new club with strong historic traditions, currently in first place in the Swiss  Women Hockey League A, the top League in the nation.