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Franklin UniversityStarting in 2014, Franklin will offer study places to student athletes who wish to earn college credit from our US- and Swiss-accredited university while participating in competitive sports programs supported by PASS (Prep Academic Sport System). While it has been sometimes difficult for competitive athletes to go abroad during college, PASS will make it possible to combine both academic coursework and sports.

PASS enables student athletes to experience European sports clubs by working with talented teams, such as FC Lugano for soccer. PASS staff members will work with local coaches and support students with their special practice schedules. At the university, students will be able to take courses in English while benefitting from an international ‘study abroad’ semester or two. Not only is Franklin located in the Italian-speaking part of Switzerland, it is also in a historic region of Europe.

With students coming from over 60 countries, the campus community also provides a global atmosphere and interesting network for students. As a residential university, Franklin offers housing in residence halls located in the vicinity of the campus. Students will profit from the Franklin University community and work closely with academic advisors, helping them progress with their coursework. Participants will be able to choose from a number of courses offered at Franklin, ranging from economics and management to environmental studies, communication studies or international politics (see Franklin course offerings:

Franklin UniversityThe following options are available to potential PASS students who have gained college entry:

Spring Semester Abroad (January-May) – Ideal for students with ‘Junior’ standing at university (Part of the PASS Pro Program)

Summer Session 1+2 (June+July) – Most courses designed for undergraduate students (Corresponding to the PASS Summer Program)

‘Academic’ GAP Year (August-June) – Available to student athletes, following high school, who wish to earn US college credits, live in Europe for a year and participate in competitive sports through the PASS program. (Part of the PASS Pro Program)

For more information about Franklin Switzerland or about admission, please email or call +41 91 9863611

For more information about the PASS sports programs in Lugano, please contact Mr. Emanuele Gaiarin: Telephone: +1-703-455-PREP(7737) or use the contact page on this website.

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