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Player and Coach Comments

Here are a few of the comments from players and coaches who attended PASS programs during 2013.

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Spring study abroad student Heather B. talks about her first impressions at FUS (Franklin University Switzerland) and how she's enjoying being part of the PASS Athletic Program. “When I first got here, I was amazed at all the mountains and how breathtakingly beautiful the scenery was. I was nervous getting off the plane and realizing how far away from home I am. But everyone from Franklin was really welcoming and nice which made it easier. [ON PASS] When I first met my team and realized that no one spoke English, I was terrified, but also excited about the opportunity to learn Italian. I know it will challenge me to step out of my comfort zone and learn more about the local life in Switzerland. The style of play is beautiful and I can't wait to soak up as much as possible.”

Heather B. - Player

Good morning Mr. Emanuele and Mr. Douglas:

I have wanted to thank you for Wilmer's invitation to Switzerland. We are very thankful, for his experience abroad, he said that you guys were very kind to him. I was so worried about him because that was his first trip but he cannot wait for next year and have the same experience. Wilmer said it was second to none!!

Franci C. (Parent of a player)

"The coaches program offered a unique experience with top notch instruction from high level coaches. We got to interact with the pro's and watch training up close and personal. A coaching experience like none other!"

Richard G. - VSA U16 GK coach

"Soccer has been an important part of my life for 30+ years, as a player, a coach, a manager and a fan of the sport. In that time, many things have changed for the better here in the States. However, the coaches trip to Italy and Switzerland changed my life forever. It's incredible to see how far advanced the training facilities, applied development research, coaching techniques and youth organizational structures are in Europe compared to back home. Our country truly has an untapped potential of developing talented youth who will someday be the face of American Soccer. Regardless of desire, we're still way behind. The PASS program IS the answer. By exposing our talent to high level training and competition overseas, we'll not only be advancing American players, but also fulfilling their craving to learn and get better as individuals."

Joseph R. - Youth Coach, Virginia

My experience at the Pass Academy coaching course was one that I will never forget. The quality of coaching, facilities and atmosphere is one that all aspiring coaches and players should be a part of. In America, the only thing we can do to help our young players is mimic and try to recreate this environment but it is not even close to the real thing. The pass academy does just that. It gives players a chance to play and train in the true academy manner. The soccer and life experience the Pass Academy provides is real and life changing. If you are looking for a place where you can learn, live and aspire to be a top player in college or at the highest level, I strongly encourage you to become a member of this wonderful program. You will definitely come back a new player, coach and person.

Vincent M. - Asst. Coach, Seton Hall

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