Prep Academy Sport System

The Prep Academy Sport System Programs

The Pass Spring and Summer Programs

The Summer program is designed for all students actively considering enrolling in either the PassOne program or the PassPro program. Since the experience of living and playing in a European city may be vastly different than most students are accustomed to, we offer the Pass Prep Summer Program to help students and their families learn about and prepare for the rigors of both academics and soccer.

The Summer Program runs for two sessions of up to two weeks in duration, in the town of Lugano, Switzerland. Through this program the students and their families have a chance to visit the schools, the towns and the team facilities as well as the coaches.

Families are encouraged to ask questions and develop an understanding of this program in a relaxed, informal program that helps you through the entire process. The Summer Program is ideal for anyone considering enrolling for the next semester.

Click here for program start dates and rates.

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