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An American soccer player in Lugano SwitzerlandPASS offers talented American players the everyday advantages and benefits that European youth athletes encounter every day. The training is tailored to the age and experience of the players. Our goal is to fuel passion for soccer, enabling them to improve their confidence in their skills as athletes and scholars.

Kicking a soccer ball away from an opponentPASS Residential Programs are located in Lugano, Switzerland. High school age students attend TASIS The American School in Switzerland.

College age students enroll at Franklin University in Lugano, Switzerland for their semester, year or gap year program abroad. See the Schools for more details about academics.

Students train within the professional European youth league system, which provides the highest levels of technical and physical training. Our coaches are top professionals from the Swiss leagues with many years of working within the European youth leagues. The U-17 Swiss National Team won the U17 World Cup in 2009 and the European Championship U17 in 2002, and were semifinalists in 2009.

PASS offers first-class training and the opportunity for young American athletes to travel and live abroad. It allows American players to accelerate their development playing and training alongside tomorrow’s superstars.

The PASS System consists of three different programs for student players from ages 14 to 21.

The different programs are;

Pass One Program

The PASS One Program is for ages 14-19 (Grades 9-12).

Pass Pro Program

The PASS Pro Program is for college-aged players aged 18-21.

Pass Prep Summer Program

The PASS Prep Summer Program lets students who are considering the PASS One and PASS Pro to try out the PASS program.

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