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TASIS has joined forces with FC Lugano to collaborate on Project PASS.

Franklin University student shares her experience in The Prep Academy Sport System. Heather says she would recommend the PASS program to other prospective student athletes because it has given her the opportunity to travel, as well as live, study and - importantly - continue to play the sport she is passionate about while abroad. “My experience has been life changing and I am so happy I had enough courage to participate in this program. It has been so amazing, from the people to the trips and learning the culture and language. I know this experience will forever alter the way I perceive the world and those around me.

Soccer Wire Article: FC Virginia U-17s battle Italy national team on rugged Alps tour.

Click here to see images from the 2013 program.

Click here to see images from the 2014 program.

The FC Virginia U17 Team. Winners of the City of Lugano International Women Football Tournament for 2015.

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